Welcome to The Starseed School

Community, support and healing for parents with kids who experience the world differently.

About Us

Friendship, support and learning for parents who have kids who experience the world differently.

I’m bringing together parents of kids who:

  • see, feel, think and experience the world differently
  • who may be highly sensitive or an empath
  • may have a diagnosis such as autism or ADHD

to explore all our unique differences from a spiritual perspective, so we know our approach to parenting fits with our values and meet the needs of our kids which are sometimes challenging. We appreciate the positives our kids bring to the world and want to give our kids the support they need to fulfil their unique potential.

Does my child need a diagnosis in order for us to join? No this is entirely self-selecting. If you feel this space would be helpful then you are welcome!

About Charlie Mitchell 

Charlie has been supporting people with their development for over 23 years. She is qualified in coaching (Diploma in Coaching), education (Certificate in Education) and Careers Guidance (Certificate in Careers Guidance Development) along with other training, development and quality assurance qualifications.

Charlie has three amazing kids; one has autism, one is very sensitive and one has Down Syndrome. As a single parent, following the sudden death of her partner, she has learned a great deal about bringing up kids with extra support needs, and the ways we parents can take care of ourselves and each other, so we can be the best parents we can to our amazing kids!

She has been a professional executive coach and emergent facilitator for over 15 years, and now brings her ability to create safe space to parents who want to explore and reflect on their parenting journey together. Charlie shares her experiences, her vulnerabilities and her learning and encourages others to do the same on transformational journeys together.

She has been bringing groups together for transformational growth experiences in different contexts including diverse stakeholders, volunteers, trustees, senior management teams, directors and masters students at university. She loves to develop space for magic to occur, where people can find their own answers and take actions along their path in a way that is meaningful to them.

Why You Should Join Us

Taking care of kids with extra support needs can be lonely, confusing, terrifying, overwhelming, as well as inspiring, joyful, miraculous and fun.

So many of us crave a safe community where we can share experiences, learn from others and gain tools that will help us as parents and our kids too.

We decided to set up this group so we have space where we can be ourselves without being judged, and we can support each other. We can design courses in response to need, bringing in professionals to support us when we need to.

We have a big vision for this group, with plans for face to face local groups and opportunities for parents and kids, so let’s co-create the community support we would love to have.

We celebrate and encourage the acceptance of neurodiversity. In a world full of complex problems we need children who think differently so issues can be resolved in new ways.

We are passionate about helping both parents and neuro diverse children understand that thinking differently is not a disability but something that should be accepted, embraced and encouraged with the use of the ancient channels of free expression, such as music, arts and crafts, drama, meditation and mindfulness, self care / love and martial arts

It takes a village to bring up a child. Let’s create that village!

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